Friday, May 4, 2007

Cluelessness on Iraq

It is fairly obvious that the Democrats are completely clueless about Iraq. They campaigned in '06 as the party that would fix the mess Bush had made, and bring peace and love to the entire Middle East as well. After taking office, the Democrats had the bright idea of passing a nonbinding resolution. Yep, that'll fix it. If you assume that the Iraq War is a necessary part of the US's Middle East policy, then the resolution was a meaningless gesture that only hurt troop morale. If you think that the Iraq War was a grievous mistake that has gotten the US involved in a dreadful quagmire... then it was still a meaningless gesture that hurt troop morale.
After they got the pressing nonbinding resolution business finished, the Democrats passed a war funding bill was a deadline for troop withdrawals. Man, where do they get these bright ideas? That sounds like a great way to run a war- tell the enemy that they must lose by a certain date or we will leave. They passed the bill even after Bush promised to veto it, and after the veto they tried to override it. While it was good to see that can-do, never-say-die spirit from the Democrats, it was another meaningless gesture, since they only passed it by fifteen or so votes the first time. Now, after having said for months that we absolutely have to have a deadline for troop withdrawals, the Democrats are suddenly backtracking, and saying that deadlines aren't so important after all.

The Democrats are, it is obvious, more or less lost regarding the war on terror. That fact shouldn't distract conservatives from the fact the George W. Bush is committing some serious blunders as well. Bush's stated goal is not to leave Iraq without victory. This is worthy goal, but Bush's definition of victory is amazingly wrong and impractical. His goal seems to be to end the insurgency, and go home. Sadly, that goal, as we are fighting the war now, is completely unachievable. Iran and Syria are sending in weapons, fighters, and cash to fuel the Iraq insurgency. Unless we persuade them to stop (a couple of well-placed bombs would work quite nicely), we will never win. As good as the US troops are (and they are good), they cannot win against an enemy with almost unlimited numbers, and safe havens on either side (Iran and Syria). So what is victory? Victory should be defined as placing in power a functioning Iraq government with a fairly competent military. We have a government there, now most of our resources should go to developing the Iraqi military. It is ultimately their fight, not ours.



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