Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts…

Many conservative Christians are convinced that the Harry Potter books are the work of the devil, based on the fact that the characters in them can cast spells. They never seem able to see beyond that fact, which is a pity, given that the books are actually fairly wholesome and have absolutely nothing to do with witchcraft as we understand it. This dislike is, in my mind, fairly irrational.

But fortunately, Richard Dawkins is busy proving that atheists can be far more irrational than most believers. He’s starting a crusade against the Potter books, warning of their “pernicious” effect on children. Dawkins, apparently, is under the impression that kids will believe what they read and grow up believing in wizards and spells. Dawkins claims to have made only one convert to atheism (Douglas Adams), and with arguments like that, I can see why.

Senator Norm Coleman is virtually tied with Al Franken in the Minnesota Senate race. It’s hard to think of a more irritating figure than Franken. He’s not really successful enough to be considering influential (half his books are bestsellers, but the rest were flops, and his radio show tanked), but just successful enough to be a threat. His books are poorly researched and mean-spirited, and obviously aren’t written by a man with the temperament of a Senator. In 1984, Minnesota was the only state that went for Walter Mondale, so it obviously doesn’t have the best of taste when voting, but inflicting Al Franken on the U.S. Senate is unforgiveable. Hopefully, the state will make the right decision this time.

I’ve given up on reading the polls—there’s just too much variance between them to make them worth reading. But one thing is for certain—unless every single poll is wrong, McCain will lose.

Gas prices are around $2.30 in Cincinnati, and are at similar levels around the nation. Evidently, all the hype about “the end of cheap oil” was overblown. Oil can’t last forever, but it will probably remain cheap for a few more years yet.

Quite a lot of pro-lifers seem to be supporting Obama because he is such a nice person. He may be—but it seems worthwhile reminding them that he still supports what is basically infanticide.

A bit of perspective on the military decline of Europe. Germany has about 100,000 troops. America has about 75,000 troops—just stationed in Germany. Granted, America is much bigger than Germany, but that is still quite a difference. Were anything to happen to the United States, Europe would be nearly defenseless.

Although Europe is doing a pretty good job of becoming defenseless already. In England, a judge recently ruled that a property owner could not protect his property with barbed wire—because criminals might cut themselves on it. Just unbelievable.

Yet another example of hypocrisy in the media: when some one allegedly shouted “Kill him” about Obama at a Palin rally, the media went berserk and started accusing the McCain campaign of inciting violence against its opponent. When someone hung Sarah Palin in effigy in California, though, the media didn’t seem to think that it were representative of the Obama campaign. It seems that the media has done a worse job than usual this year—not only in its political bias, but in its choice of stories.


At October 31, 2008 at 2:41 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Gas up here was actually $1.97 yesterday! I didn't think I'd ever see under $2 again.

Last night, I voted and will mail it today. The polls are going to be crazy on Tuesday. I just wish I could let those automated phone calls know don't bother calling me, I'm done!

At November 2, 2008 at 4:58 AM , Blogger Throwing Stones said...

Who cares about the price of gas?
We have much more to lose is Obama is elected than the price of gas. And the president does not have any control over the price of gas anyway.
But think of it this way.
We may lose some and yes, may of our Freedoms, but we will gains so much more! After all, he promised us "Change"
You may not like the change and here ars some of the "Changes" you can expect!!!!!

1. College will be free – Obama promised he would help struggling students pay off their student loan debt.
2. Houses will be free – Obama promised that people who could not make their mortgage payments will not lose their homes.
3. Babies will continue to be killed even if born alive after a failed abortion – Obama has steadfastly promised that he will never do anything to change a woman’s right to kill her unborn (or born) baby.
4. Gays will be able to openly serve in the military – Obama has promised to end “don’t ask – don’t tell”.
5. Powdered cocaine sellers will not be penalized as much as crack cocaine sellers – Obama promised to end this sentencing disparity.
6. Charter schools will get double the money – Obama has promised to double the funding for charter schools.
7. Plug-in hybrid cars will be cheap and plentiful – Obama has promised to get one million of these on the road within six years.
8. Incandescent light bulbs will be illegal – Obama has promised to sign into law the end of incandescent light bulbs.
9. It will be illegal for your children not to have health care – Obama has promised to require that all children have health care.
10. The world will be remade – Obama promised to “remake the world” when he spoke about America’s problems in Berlin.

We will lose strength in our military, the economy will suffer when he calls for us to foot the bill of his expensive programs, we'll lose quality of health care when he socializes it, the gas prices you spoke about will increase when he bans offshore drilling and tries to make the country reliant upon energy sources that can't support the demand, we'll lose international respect by the barrel as well as the American initiative to succeed when the lazy and coke heads are rewarded and the prosperous punished..that's just a START to what we'd lose
How do you like them apples???

I dindn't think so.
Thank of that when you go into that booth to vote for your repulsive 3rd party candidates.

At November 5, 2008 at 11:43 AM , Blogger MTHorvat said...

Your view of the Harry Potter danger reflects a well balanced youth from a conservative Catholic home who won't be moved to experiement in or believe in withcraft and spells because you read a book series. This simply isn't true for the majority of youth - not so well-balanced and often coming from dysfunctional homes.

The recent American Religious Identification Survey revealed that Wicca is the fastest-growing religion in the country--there are now estimated to be one million-plus practitioners. That Harry Potter is motivating many young persons - without religious convictions and seeking "mystical" experiences - toward these ranks is undeniable.
At the least, it is impelling youth and adults to disregard the wise warnings of the Catholic Church not to tinker with the preternatural. Go to E-bay and you will find tons of spell books, ouiji boards, etc. The Church always taught these things should not be played with, because you are inviting the devil into your life. No wonder also, the increase in depression and suicides...

The Potter proponents explain there is no problem with a little witchcraft - that it is quite possible for a person to follow a syncretistic religion, for example, a person could be a Christian and yet incorporate certain beliefs and practices of Wicca. Again, impossible. You don't have mixtures of truth and error in the Catholic faith.

I believe parents are right to be concerned about the HP craze. Recently, Rowlings had the beloved headmaster come out as a homosexual. She didn't need to do this. Why did she do it? It seems she wants to promote toleration and the gay agenda.

At November 16, 2008 at 6:45 AM , Blogger knowitall said...

These people didn't yell those things, the secret service already announced that. The mainstream media illuminati just wanted something else to say.

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