Friday, May 11, 2007

Many conservatives are petrified with the fear that Hillary Clinton will be our nation's next president. Hillary, for some reason, is viewed as an unstoppable Juggernaut, so conservatives are convinced that they must close ranks against the Hillary tide. With this in mind, Ronald Reagan's Eleventh Commandment is observed religiously: Thou Shalt Not Criticize Thy Fellow Republican. Many conservatives are in favor of nominating Rudy Giuliani, a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, anti-gun moderate. Their thinking is that Hillary is so powerful, it is probably safer to nominate a moderate who is already well-known to compete with Hillary's luminescent star power.

Many, probably most, conservatives agree with at least part of this assessment. Fortunately, they are almost certainly wrong. Hillary Clinton's time is past. Her time to run was in 2004. Had she run then, she probably would have won. Now, though, her gaffes and negatives will finish her off. She seems to think that using a corny Southern accent will endear her to southern and black voters. (Note: it won't. It just makes sound stupid, especially since she can't seem to get it down. Her position on Iraq is becoming a little embarrassing- she used to think that we should be there, but then, maybe not. Or maybe. Anyway,after her confusion two years ago, she seemed to think it a perfectly good idea for a while, but she now wants to eliminate the President's authority to attack Iraq. I'm getting a little confused. This doesn't make her look like her husband. It makes her look like John Kerry.

Hillary Clinton's poll numbers are not so very high, either. She now has a fifty-two percent unfavorable rating. Yes, she is beating Barack Obama in the Democratic primary, but when put head to head with leading Republican candidates, she is currently running about even, which is not a very good sign considering her near universal name recognition.

It is almost impossible to find positive news about Hillary. The Iraq bill she voted for was voted down embarrassingly, she was forced to come out in favor of partial-birth abortion, and porn star Jenna Jameson offered support. (She suggested that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be good for the porn industry. Just the image that Hillary was looking for). The last bit of good news for Hillary was her good performance during the Democrat debate.

With this in mind, why aren't Republicans looking harder for a good candidate in the GOP? Instead, they seem to looking for an "electable" candidate. Hillary has very glaring weaknesses, so it is possible, even probable, that the real election will fall on February 5, which is the date of most of the Republican primaries. Many leading conservatives are paving the way for a Rudy Guillani candidacy, (for example, Sean Hannity), and relatively few are focusing on any shortcomings that Guillani may possess.


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