Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Religion Stuff

A few more thoughts about religion.

One, Richard Dawkins shows why his hardcore brand of atheism isn't getting many followers. In a column for the Washington Post, he explains not only that adultery is morally permissible, he also explains that the cheated on spouse should not be angry or even disapproving.
In one of the most disgusting stories to hit the British newspapers last
year, the wife of a well-known television personality, Chris Tarrant, hired a
private detective to spy on him. The detective reported evidence of adultery and
Tarrant's wife divorced him, in unusually vicious style. But what shocked me was
the way public opinion sided with Tarrant's horrible wife. Far from despising,
as I do, anybody who would stoop so low as to hire a detective for such a
purpose, large numbers of people, including even Mr. Tarrant himself, seemed to
think she was fully justified. Far from concluding, as I would, that he was well
rid of her, he was covered with contrition and his unfortunate mistress was
ejected, covered with odium.

He also goes on to explain that Mitt Romney's faith should be taken into account when deciding whom to vote for, God knows why. Or, as Dawkins might say, god knows why. (Some atheists have taken to writing "God" in all lowercase letters. That will show Him). richard dawins and christopher hitchens will have a difficult time attracting followers if they continue to write stuff like that.

Cardinal Roger Mahony apparently was attacked by a man angry at the fact that Mahony covered up cases of clerical sexual abuse. Perhaps out of habit, Mahony did not report the crime to police. Perhaps it is uncharitable, but I have a hard time feeling too sorry for the Cardinal. His cover-up, in my opinion, was very nearly as bad as the original crime.

Christopher Hitchens succeeds in his goal of having a worse holiday spirit than Scrooge (his piece is entitled "Bah, Hanukkah"). Hitchens is a the quintessential contrarian, but this is a bit far even for him.


At December 5, 2007 at 8:57 PM , Anonymous mth said...

Card. Mahoney has been covering up for priests for years, and refusing to hand over evidence to the courts for years also. So the cover up continues. He always conveniently comes up with a story right when he is under attack; his Archdiocese just made a multi-million payment to victims, and the his worse-case nightmare ex-Fr. Baker was just sentenced to only eight years of prison after admitting abuse of boys. People out here weren't very happy with the teflon-Cardinal, so he suddenly decided to "reveal" an incident that happened months ago. I have NO pity for this Cardinal who woos the Latino community with immigration marches, and flouts traditional Catholic teaching on every front!

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