Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hillary as Queeg

During this election season, Barack Obama has reminded many liberals of Danny Saunders from Chaim Potok’s The Chosen. He is supposed to represent a new generation of Democrats, who combine the best of the old liberals with the new ideas represented by Democrat grassroots. He is supposed to be the One (Ophrah’s word) who transcends race and party and politics and will never let Americans return to their former cynism (Michelle Obama’s phrase).

If Obama is The Chosen, who is Hillary Clinton’s literary parallel? Perhaps Captian Queeg, from Herman Wouk’s The Caine Mutiny. It would be a stretch to call Hillary truly insane, but neither (spoiler alert) was Queeg. He just acted like it. So, often, does Hillary.

Her story of her Bosnia landing is delusional. At first, her plane just went into a corkscrew landing to guard against sniper fire, which easily could have happened. The next version of the story had the reception taking place indoors because of possible snipers. Finally, Hillary claimed that she and her entourage sprinted for cover with heads down to prevent the snipers from getting a bead on them.

No person with any sense of honesty would have tried to sell this story. CBS had reporters on the scene, Chelsea was there (so it couldn’t have been too dangerous), and comedian Sinbad rapidly debunked her story. David Geffen has said that the Clintons lie with troubling ease. It seems that Hillary lies easily and instinctively, with no thought as to whether the lie is actually plausible.

Hillary’s defense of the Bosnia fiasco is embarrassing. She explained that if she misspoke, it was a misstatement, and that she says a lot of things anyway—millions of words a day. Millions? When explaining away a lie, it is probably the best policy to stick as close to truth as possible.

Captain Queeg wasn’t crazy—but he wasn’t very well adjusted, either. Hillary is sane—but she does appear to be a congenital liar. Her instinctive response when faced with any difficulty is to lie—not as a defense, not simply as a habit. She can’t help herself.

Captain Queeg wasn’t much of a minesweeper captain. But if faced with the choice of Captain Queeg or President Clinton, I think I would take Queeg.


At March 28, 2008 at 9:43 AM , Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

ha youre spot on Daniel!..but she has voters..go figure!

At March 28, 2008 at 11:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Just In...
Senator Hillary Clinton recalls a 1995 trip to Eritria in Africa where she received a telepathic cummincae from a local tribal witch doctor named ZazaBo. The message was clear, there was an asteroid headed for earth and only Hillary could save the planet.

In speech today, she recalls the incident. "I remember vividly the feelings of horror as I thought about ZazaBo and his children and the certain death they faced if I didn't do something."

She went on to describe how she jumped into the cock pit of her private jet, throwing the pilot out of the way as he pleaded with her not to risk her own life. "Mrs Clinton, it's too dangerous for you, please send me."

She recalls taking off and bringing the small asteroid up on radar. Realizing the danger was grave, she pulled out her 44 Magnum that she carries in her purse for personal protection, leaned out of the window of the jet, took aim, and fired, hitting the asteroid with just english to vear it off course and forcing it to miss the planet.

"To be honest, I was skeptical I could make that shot under that kind of pressure, but I managed to do it, you know, for ZazaBo and the children" Clinton continued. I knew that some one had to do it, and I was the one that was chosen by God. So what the heck. I've done this sorrt of thing before many many times.

In related news in Bosnia she dodged some sniper fire and stabed 39 of the enemy soldiers in the heart with her swiss army knife. just the very next day... God Save Hillary.

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