Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Are Winning

Conservatives often feel that the America they know is slipping away. Neither presidential candidate can be called an true ideological conservative, the supposedly conservative Republican party all too often slides left, and the Supreme Court has an unconstitutionally large amount of power. (It doesn’t matter which side of the abortion debate you are on, Roe v. Wade was, by any objective analysis, a ridiculous decision). Abortion on demand is legal and socially acceptable, tax rates are often far too high, and government spending is out of control. Odds are, by this time next year we will have a Democrat House, a Democrat Senate, and a Democrat president. It sometimes seems that the conservative cause is a losing one.

Sometimes it is. But more often, it is not. America, from a conservative point of view, is by far the best run country in the world. There is no other country in the world that utilizes conservative philosophy as the United States does.

Most of Europe consists of quasi-Socialist states (and some European countries can drop the “quasi”—they are full-fledged socialist). But worse than the massive government power (though it may be because of it), Europe is killing itself. Europe’s birth rate is collapsing, their share of the world economy is dwindling, and their social institutions seem to be breaking down. (In Britain, they are discussing whether or not to continue to bother jailing burglars. It is possible that in a few years, it will be possible to be convicted of a burglary in that country and not draw jail time). Europe seems to have lost its will to live.

(Europe may be dying, but it is a long way from dead. European states have a way of surprising—England was only a minor power for centuries, then conquered most of the world, France went from Revolution to Empire in a decade, and Germany rose from it’s World War I ashes astonishingly quickly. Don’t count Europe out.)

Europe may be a dying socialist continent, but it is at least possible to live a prosperous and happy life there. In most of the world’s countries, an easy life is not an option. Much of the world is poor, much of the world lives under repressive dictatorships, and much of the world must endure both poverty and tyranny. Most of Africa, most of Asia, most of the Middle East, and much of South America is ruled by totalitarian regimes. The vast majority of the world’s countries have not concept of democracy, no freedom of speech or religion, and no laws governing the judicial system. That kind of puts the whole ANWR drilling thing in perspective, doesn’t it?

The fact that the United States is both prosperous and free should not make conservatives complacent—after all, the fortunes of a country can change very quickly. But it is important not to miss the forest for the trees (an overworked cliché, but still an accurate one). America, for all it’s flaws, is a truly great country, and it probably better now than it has ever been in it’s history, and that is due in large part to the efforts of conservative leaders. Conservatives can be proud—our work is often difficult, but it is effective. We are winning.


At July 11, 2008 at 9:48 AM , Blogger Kris said...

Sometimes it seems we are fighting a loosing battle. Our society has bought into the notion that happiness, health care, a job, 3 meals a day, having the newest electronic devices etc. are now human rights.

This is what the democratic leadership feeds the general public. We, as a people, need to relearn the roll of gov. and what constitutes the pursuit of happiness.


At July 11, 2008 at 6:48 PM , Blogger Beth said...

I like your optimism, Daniel.

I am resigned to the fact that we will have Obama for president, a Democrat controlled Congress and perhaps they will confirm a Justice or two. But I think we as a nation are strong enough to survive even all that.

At July 12, 2008 at 4:07 AM , Anonymous napqueen said...

"perhaps they will confirm a Justice or two"

lol, you say SO lightly! Like it's nothing!
Are you for real? Are you in a trance?
Survive what? A commie ruled USA?

How old are you?
Have you gotten out of school yet?
Do you really vote?
It's people like you that should have to be tested for their mental capacity before they are allowed to vote!
I really believe that If a person does not have the mental capacity to understand these things, they should NOT be allowed to vote. ... Mental Retardation is a serious matter.
And maybe you shouldn't even be allowed to use a computer?

At July 12, 2008 at 5:22 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Napqueen, mapqueen, darkshadow, maybe you would like to pick just one nickname and stick with it.

As far as Justices go, even if McCain were president, I wouldn't have much faith in a good choice for Justice from him, either, I am being realistic based on his track record.

At July 12, 2008 at 5:41 AM , Anonymous Napqueen said...

Sorry, IT'S NAPQUEEN!!!!!!!
I was typing in the dark, it was very early in the morning here where I live.
But what's with the darkshadow thing?

At July 12, 2008 at 5:59 AM , Anonymous Napqueen said...

I suppose you would want New Gingrich to be a Supreme Justice, typical double standard when it comes to right-wing religious figures, and the free pass given to McCain.
You conservatives claim to love liberty, but only when in suits you.
Those conservatives justices are all hypocrites conservatives.
The conservative Justices have many disagreements with the Warren Court, on matters such as Miranda or (reaching into the early Burger Court) Roe v. Wade. But all of them have agreed that enforcing those rights that are actually constitutionally protected isn't "channeling the whole Warren Court" but rather channeling Chief Justice Marshall's position in Marbury v. Madison and in the other constitutional cases that went after it.

It's always appealing to accuse the other side of hypocrisy or inconsistency with its own stated beliefs — after all, one can then set aside the hard work of actually showing why their beliefs are wrong, and instead point out that their positions are mistaken even under their own stated principles. But to do this, one actually needs to demonstrate an inconsistency, with the other side's actual beliefs and not with the beliefs that one is ascribing to them for rhetorical purposes.
Same old, same old.

Has any of them looked at the message itself and explained how stabbing one's toe qualifies for one to be POTHUS?

McInsane, as Wesley Clark said, deserves credit for serving his country but so do hundreds of thousands of others (with the exception of Pat Tillman and John Kerry, of course, but do they all qualify to be President?

Take a break from attacking the messenger Nutjobs and give an answer to the message.
General Clark was right. Being a POW doesn't make anyone an expert on foreign policy. This is just more Republican high dudgeon. It's what they do best

At July 12, 2008 at 7:28 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Well let me first say napster that I am impressed, you DO know specifics of politics.

I for one am not a McCain supporter, so I actually agree with what you are saying about him.

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