Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Michael Moore and Health Care

Michael Moore is attacking the US health system, and is advocating a socialized, universal health plan. He points out fact that that the United States is far behind many countries, mostly European in life expectancy, infant morality rates, and other health related stats. Many of these countries have socialized medicine. Looks like maybe Mike has a point, huh?

But this isn't the whole story. All of the countries ahead of us don't have anywhere near the population the United States does. It is obviously easier to take care of ten million than three hundred million. Throw in the fact that we have a high immigration rate, and that most immigrants are poor, and our health care system doesn't look so shabby.

These countries, for the most part, also have very high tax rates. Yes, high taxes provide for free health care, as well as providing governments bureaucrats with jobs, but they tend to stifle economic growth. This may be why the United States has a higher GNP than the whole European Union combined. Look at the industries of Canada, Denmark, and Sweden, all countries with high tax rates. What do you see them producing? Who is making all the electronic equipment? Cars? Not the near Socialist countries. Its is the United States and Japan. Is it worth sacrificing our economy on the altar of free, socialized health care?


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At June 1, 2007 at 6:32 PM , Blogger Maxwell Maroon said...

now I know you are concerned about the economy aspect, but how is it that other countries treat their patients better and faster to ALL people and not just the privileged. and why is it so many of our own citizens going to places like Mexico and India for surgery that is of the same quality as the U.S. but cheaper. and what about the cost of drugs? come on there is something wrong here, and don't forget the corruption with the FDA.

At July 11, 2007 at 12:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canada doesn't have socialized medicine. They have regulated provincial insurance systems. With a single buyer, obviously prices are lower.

"Health institutions are either private and non-profit (such as university hospitals) or provincially run (such as Quebec's CLSC system). Most all doctors are in private practice as entrepreneurs and bill the medicare system for their fees. The so called public system is merely publicly funded, with most all services provided by private enterprises, as in clinics or doctors who are paid a fee-per-visit, unlike some countries where doctors are on a salary system. Canadians can change doctors any time they wish.[3]"

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