Friday, June 1, 2007

Thoughts on the candidates

Hillary Clinton is still feared as a wildly popular candidate by the GOP, even though most dislike her. The fact that Mike Huckabee and Sam Brownback, neither of whom are exactly electoral juggernauts, are both within single digits of her does absolutely nothing to dampen that misguided conviction.

Hillary is again demonstrating her true colors as a comparative nonthreat with this illuminating picture. Apparently the technology involved at the Silicon Valley summit she was attending doesn't include spellcheck. Remember, this is the lady who is in favor expanded pre-K programs. It really doesn't pay to talk about education if you have that much trouble spelling, Hillary.

It does give some ideas for slogans for Mrs. Clinton, though. Maybe she could use "Tommorrow's Tecknology Twoday" as a slogan. Or maybe "Educatun for the Futur" or "Raysing You're Tackses Hi-er". It would show that she will not discriminate against the disadvantaged in our society. Since she and her liberal friends think that poverty means that education and success are forever beyond one, slogans like these could she her genuine compassion for these underprivileged folks.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, although diametrically opposite politically, have many features in common. They are both handsome, well spoken men with odd religions (or in Obama's case, odd ex-religion. Since his middle name is Hussein, though, it still counts unless he changes it. Some religions leave lasting marks). In both cases, no one really thinks overmuch about their politics, which is fortunate, since both are basically soundbite machines with no original ideas. Both get support because they are fairly safe candidates who are relatively personable. Neither will be elected President (Obama's campaign is flagging, and Romney's never really got started).

Rudy Giuliani has lost a good deal of support in the last month, much of it because of his position on abortion. While any Republican who supports abortion faces an uphill battle, Giuliani has done a poor job of spinning his message. He spends a good deal of time on Sean Hannity's radio show, which is a good move, since Hannity rares presses him for coherent answers. However, his answer to the abortion question is very poor, for two reasons. The first reason is that he has only one speech, which he uses, reuses, and then rereuses, apparently under the impression that no one has every listened to him before and that it is new to everyone. The second problem is that his speech sounds stupid. After the customary "what is your stand on abortion" question, Giuliani launches into his answer, which he delivers hurriedly in a flat monotone with no cadences at all. "I hate abortion I would counsel someone against an abortion but I believe that it is not governments role to determine whether not someone has an abortion etc. etc. etc." Not very inspiring.

Fred Thompson is running. I believe that he will shake up the Republican field immensely. He already has twenty-two percent of the nation prepared to vote for him. Not bad for someone not in the race.


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